Arctic Monkeys Concert / Fall Out Boy & Paramore Monumentour Concerts Outfit 

(yes I wore the same thing to two concerts within a week of each other and I’m not ashamed)

I made my romper with some left over old fabric that my clothing teacher gave me a while ago. I used an old pair of shorts and as reference for the pattern making as well as a basic knit t shirt block for referencing as well. I am very happy with the way it turned out because it is so comfortable yet very cute and stylish.

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Senior Pictures Hair & Makeup

I finally took my senior pictures the other day and I honestly feel so old; I cannot believe that high school has gone by so quickly and I’m about to start my last year. 

I wanted to keep my look simple & on the more natural side. It is a heavier makeup look rather that what I usually wear, but usually with pictures as important as this, I put on a little more. 

On my face:

I got my hair done a local salon which was really exciting considering I have never gotten my hair professionally styled before. The hair dresser first washed & conditioned my hair. Then she blew it out using a medium round brush. After the blow out, she straightened the top parts so they were perfect and then curled my hair using a wand. After she was done with the curls, she brushed through them with her fingers and used some hair spray.

Thats it for my senior picture look, thanks for reading :)

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The Five Fashion Essentials that You Need for Back to School

  1. A pair of killer jeans - jeans are pretty much an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe right? They can be cute and casual for a study session at a coffee shop or can be dressed up for a night out. Mine are the BDG Straight Leg High Rise Twig from Urban Outfitters.
  2. A leather jacket - whenever you’re feeling less than or need a boost of confidence, a stylish leather jacket is just the thing! Not only will it keep you warm all throughout fall and winter, but it will automatically add just the right amount of edginess to every outfit. Mine is by BCBG.
  3. A colorful lip - this is the perfect thing to brighten up any look. It also adds some much needed fun & flare to a not so inspiring school year. My favorite part of wearing lipstick is that it just adds some confidence that you can conquer the world. The one above is Revlon’s in “Coral Berry”
  4. A stylish pair of flats - If you’ve seen pretty much any of my outfits, then you know I am a flats girl. Heels are just not for school, so a cute pair of neutral flats is definitely an essential. Mine are by New Look and I bought them from Asos.
  5. Sunglasses - How anyone can function without a pair of sunglasses will never make sense to me. They’re the perfect way to not only block the sun out of your eyes, but make you look stylish and sometimes even more important than you actually are. If you’ve had  a tough day and maybe cried in the bathroom, do not fear the smudged mascara because your trendy sunnies will hide everything. I got mine from Urban Outfitters. 

I hope you have found my back to school fashion essentials helpful and I wish everyone luck with the new school year, thanks for reading! :)

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Emily’s Army Concert Outfit of the Night

The band was so amazing and I even got to meet them afterwards! You can read all about my experience and see more pictures here if you want :)

Dress - My original design, fabric from Joann’s 

Body jewerly - Charlotte Russe surplus store

Shoes - Coverse

Bag - MNG by Mango

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Lady Gaga artRAVE Concert Tour Outfit

I went to Lady Gaga’s Artpop tour on Saturday and it was amazing! We decided to embrace the full gaga experience so went all out with our outfits.


Sweater - Nordstrom

Bra - Spencers (modified for fit a little bit)

Skirt - TJ Maxx

Shoes - flats from Modcloth (not pictured)


Kimono - Nordstrom

Bra - Gold cup from Spencer’s bra, attached to different bra from Target

Skirt - Nordstrom

Shoes - White Doc. Martens (not pictured)

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Outfit of the Night

*yay beautiful iPhone 4S quality*

Blazer- Windsor

Top - I made it myself

Shorts - JCP

Sparkly Flats - Payless

Lipstick - Revlon in “Love That Pink”

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How to Use Hot Rollers

  1. Heat your rollers (see instructions that come with them for more explanation). Then take 1 inch sections and wrap the end of the hair around the roller. 
  2. After the end is securely wrapped around, proceed to roll the roller up the rest of the section of hair. Make sure to only touch the sides and not the hot middle section of your rollers so you don’t burn yourself!
  3. Then take a clip of the appropriate size and secure your roller.
  4. Repeat this process with the rest of your hair.
  5. Let the rollers sit for a desired time. The longer you wait, the tighter your curls will be. Note that once your curlers have cooled, they are not very effective anymore. While you’re waiting, you can either pretend to be a 50s housewife, Marina and the Diamonds in the video for Primadonna or just read, like and reblog all of my posts ;)
  6. Then remove your rollers and clips and enjoy your beautiful hair curls! 

Thank you for reading! <3

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Makeup of the Night 

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Fancy Summer Night Out Outfit

Romper - Urban Outfitters

Shoes - Payless

Bag - MNG by Mango

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General Admission Concert Clothes 101

Deciding what to wear to a concert can be one of the most stressful things. Do you go dressy or casual? Rocker or artistic? Fashionista or sensible? Well I am here to help shed some light with these key points.

I hope I helped you decide what to wear to your next concert. If you want some inspiration, you can check out some of my concert outfits here here & here 

Thank you for reading!

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